Covid-19 Relief Aid For The Communities In Kasozi, Kayabew and Ngando (Uganda)

Uganda’s poor communities are bearing the brunt of a nationwide shutdown as part of efforts to contain the covid-19 outbreak. For the communities focus on in Kasozi, Kayabwe and Ngando, residents are fearful they will die of hunger rather than the virus so we put together some much needed aid packages for the starving families.

We helped provide food for 122 families which included 10kg of maize flour, 8kg of rice, 5kg of beans and sugar each.

Thanks to generous donors who dug deep to help these communities. Your help is much appreciated and below is a thank you video from one of the grateful members of the community.

However there is still more that can be done, our work alone will never be enough and we only keep going because of the generosity of individual donors, if you would like to become one of the champions for our cause then please click on the link below to donate.

Thank you.