Boosting The Community Spirit Through Sport

Despite a remarkable reduction in monetary poverty, Uganda still faces widespread deprivation in several non-monetary dimensions of poverty, mainly improved sanitation, access to education and child malnutrition.

The people in the village of Kayabwe face scenario described above but we Moses Jjunju our founder thought he might try to lift the mood of the community and boost their spirit and bring the people of Kayabwe together. Moses with his football experience, hosted a football and netball tournament.

On the day of the game, the people of Kayambwe gathered in the thousands to watch the game. The winners did not only win a Golden trophy, Moses, out of his on pocket gave away goats and a cow.

These were the scences after the final whistle had gone causing wild celebrations for the winning team!

The partying did not stop there, celebrations went on long into the night

Moses had plans to host other tournaments during the Easter Break but due to the covid-19 pandemic those plans had to be out on hold.

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